• Top-ups and Telephone (with Matt Jennejohn and Cree Jones)
    Visualization paper

  • Innovation Impact of U.S. Universities ( with J.H. Cullum Clark, Kristina Bishop, Vinit Nijhawan, Christian T. Blackwell, David Overton, Steve Ingram) paper

  • Resilience and Recovery job market paper

Works in Progress

  • Like Parent Like Child: Intergenerational Transmission of Geographic and Economic Mobility (with Ömer Özak)

  • Consumption Smoothing and Family Formation (with Rocio Madera)

  • Intergenerational Transmission of Cultural factors

  • Estimation and Application of Lerner Type Indexes for the Public Sector (with Shawna Grosskopf, Rolf Fare, Kathy Hayes, William Weber, and Heike Wetzel)