• “The Diffusion of Deal Innovations in Complex Contractual Networks” (with Matt Jennejohn and Cree Jones). Interactive Visualization; SSRN Paper

  • “Innovation Impact of U.S. Universities” (with J.H. Cullum Clark, Kristina Bishop, Vinit Nijhawan, Christian T. Blackwell, David Overton, Steve Ingram). Link; Full Paper; Executive Summary

  • “Resilience and Recovery” (Job Market Paper).

  • “Estimation and Application of Lerner Type Indexes for the Public Sector”(with Shawna Grosskopf, Rolf Fare, Kathy Hayes, William Weber, and Heike Wetzel) in Market Power, Economic Efficiency, and the Lerner Index, (2024) World Scientific Publishing Company.

Selected Working Papers

  • “Roots of Innovation: Decoding the Textual Evolution in Legal Innovation Adoption in Contractual Networks” with Matthew Jennejohn and Cree Jones.

  • “Client Pressure and Persistent Diversity Gaps in the Courtroom” with Afra Afsharipour and Matthew Jennejohn.

  • “Multistate Litigation Networks” with Elysa Dishman.

  • “Gender Gaps and IPOs” with Afra Afsharipour and Matthew Jennejohn. Visualization

Works in Progress

  • “Like Parent Like Child: Intergenerational Transmission of Geographic and Economic Mobility”(with Ömer Özak)

  • “Consumption Smoothing and Family Formation” (with Rocio Madera)

  • “Intergenerational Transmission of Cultural Factors”